My name is Teresa Bryant Darwin and I live in a small town in MS. In March, our 17 year old daughter passed away, and nine weeks later I lost my husband of 39 years. In 1995, our nine year old son passed away.We have two married daughters and two grandbabies. I have been writing this blog for a few months now, and it has been the best therapy for me.There are times when there is only one set of footprints and I'm so thankful I have a friend in Jesus.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Umm, No Tears in Heaven...

... but I bet this Paw Paw's new eyes were awful blurry.  I'm sure he had a big old smile on his face when he got a glimpse of Alex at a radio station, sitting on a stool with head phones on his ear and a mic in his face; chattin' it up. Not to mention, Alex is learning to play drums, possibly Darwin drums. I can just hear him say, "Aww...Now, that's cool and btw.. he has my vote!"

You can catch Alex on 94.3 "Super Talk" and WTVA.

Remember to vote November 6th

Above it all, Click Clark.

Nathaniel Clark for Chancery Court Judge, District I Post I

Paid for, I mean, written by; One Proud Mother-in- Law and Grammy.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

I don't mean to brag, and some may beg to differ, but I think our parents did a pretty good job of raising us three, Keith, Lisa and me. And as Daddy and Mama get older, we want the best we can give to them. They are both on the front side of 80 and, as we know with age, we all get to slipping a little. Whether it be our health, our bodies, or our mind as with the case with them. Oh, we're all gonna be there one day.  Time please slow down. Daddy and Mama are very independent, PTL, and they got each other. What one can't remember the other can on good days. Hehe!  But occasionally, they need our help. They don't really like to ask for it. Keith helps out with the handy man stuff and lawn work when Daddy will let him. Lisa helps out in the business department and doctors appointments / medicine and then there's me. Let me just say, it's a good thing none of us are jealous or get our feeling hurt because I was once their cook and out- of -town driver but not so much now. I heard through the grapevine, that would be Lisa, that Daddy wanted me to lay off the cooking. Shhh! Heck, I thought I was pretty good, after all I, at one time, had five mouths to feed. I will admit I can't cook like his mother but she taught me how to make corn bread and he will request that every now and then. Yeppee! His excuse to Lisa was they like to go out and eat and be around people. So Be It!

Now I've heard he don't like my driving. Seems it all started after coming back from Corinth (nearest town about 25-30 miles west of here) and a deer ran out in front of us. Bam! I didn't have time to swerve, thank goodness, we just made contact. But, I was driving his car! Lord, I heard about that for months;" Do you remember when... or I want you to go out there and look at my car." All it did was brake out the front left head light and hair/blood splattered around that area. I offered to pay but, NO! Well he got it fixed and he hasn't mentioned it until ...

Y'all a few months ago I had to have my windshield replaced because of a rock. And ever since then my rear view mirror won't stay on for very long. I mean I get a few days out of it then down she goes. I'm so use to it now. I know it's either gonna land in the passenger seat or in the floor. No big deal, if I need to look behind I hold her up and then gently lay her down. Oh sometime I'll hang her back up. Don't worry that's on my to-do-list this summer. But here's the funniest thing,  after work one Friday afternoon I stopped by to see Daddy and Mama (as I always do), and I ask them if they would like to go eat in Corinth . I promised I'd drive slow, 65 is too fast for them. Daddy agreed, Mama could care less. Daddy says let's go in your car because we might come upon a deer. Oh, he got a laugh out of that! So they get in and we are cruising on down the road and everything is good, we're almost to our designation and that dang mirror fell off and hit Daddy on his left knee. Y'all, I know it hurt but he shared the hit with the gear shift thingy so it wasn't a full blown hit but I know it hurt. He must have been dozing because you would have thought an 18 wheeler had hit him.. Laugh if you must, I swear I was crying to keep from laughing.Then Mama comes to life in the back seat and says, "Jackie did she hit another deer.''  Bless her, I may have swerve just a little because I had tears running down my face, neck and bra (laughing tears). Daddy hollered, 'SHIT!!!! slow this thang down, something just took my leg off." Finally (as the car is scrawling on down the road) I said,  'Daddy my mirror fell off." Daddy said, "I'll make you think a mirror, you know that mirror didn't come flying through that window 'cause the windows are up." I said," Daddy look down between your feet, there's the mirror that fell from up above." He said, "Well it like to have killed me. '' Then the back seat driver chimes in and says, "It like to have got us all." So there you go.. sometimes you just gotta laugh. However, we came real close to going through a drive- thru and headin' on back with our sack lunch because I didn't have crutches on me. Lol ! God love their heart!

Dear Lord, How grateful we three are to have loving and giving parents. They've been so good to us and we just wanna give back. You picked us some gooduns'.  Help us to help them. Give us patiences  and wisdom when we are in need. Thank you for your gift of laughter because sometimes that's the best medicine. All my love and in your name I pray. Amen.

Monday, February 27, 2017

My Good Friend, Tommy

As long as I can remember growing up on Graham Road, my brother Keith, sister Lisa, and I had a friend for life, Tommy Enlow. He lived a few house up the road from us. Tommy was about 3 years older than me, but in reality, he could be any age of a kid. He was always taller than me. I could never catch up. When he would get excited he would stutter and talk loud no matter how close you stood by him. He saw no bad in anyone and didn't know how to hate. I like to think of him as" God's Special Edition".

He was my playmate until my brother and sister came along; then I had to share. I can remember us riding tricycles, bicycles, making mud pies, and catching lightening bugs. When I was about 9 years old, we would stand at the end of our driveway and hit rocks with a bat and see who could hit the farthest. One afternoon, we got in a real battle. Tommy was not paying attention and some how his bat connected with my head and hit me near my eye. Blood was everywhere and Tommy was nowhere to be found. Of course, I was screaming because of the blood and pain. Mama was excited because she couldn't see my eye because there was so much blood. I didn't see Tommy for at least 2 days. He was scared he had hurt me badly, but mama told him I was standing too close. So that made him feel better and I didn't understand that part at all. Bless 'em, he told me over and over for days he was sorry. I had to keep reminding him and me it was "my fault". Oh, I still have the "my fault" battle scar next to my left eye.

 One Christmas back in the early 70's, my sister, Lisa, got a two seater go kart from Santa. As all kids are, and she was no exception, she was so excited and couldn't wait to try that thing out. And knowing Daddy, he was just as excited, but first you had listen to His rules or sermon.Tommy must have known she was asking for a go kart because he was there bright and early. Our front and back yard was pretty big so there was no problem as for as riding room was concerned. Daddy had certain boundaries. Well the moment came, you know, "Gentlemen start your engines" so Lisa let the gentleman get in the drivers seat. They no more than got started and Lisa wanted to change the rules and Tommy knew better. So they are fussing and picking up speed. Lisa told him to go to the right and he said  they were supposed to go the other way. He went straight and they hit a big tree head on. They hit so hard they thought they had both died. They soon realized they could hear Daddy coming. It took the whole front end off of the  go kart. Daddy told them they could leave it be because he wasn't getting it fixed. It laid there for a few weeks, but some how Tommy got it up and running. It didn't quite look new and shinny but it would putter along.

As he got a little older, Tommy went from a bike to a Honda 70. Now this motorcycle was small and Tommy was tall. He was proud to be the owner, and it didn't matter that his knees were under his chin.  It got him where he needed to be. Often times, he would ride it down to the house and park it under the street light near a fence where Keith and Lisa would meet him. It wasn't because they wanted to ride because no one got that pleasure. It was because there was more pressing matters. He needed help writing... love letters. Tommy would do the dictating and they would take it from there. Let me just say, they may or may not have sweetened his letters up. To this day, they smile when they think of writing love letters for Tommy. Lisa said she was beginning to learn to write in cursive so you know it was all good. Just for the record, I was not in on any of this. Oh, I knew what they were doing but I had laid eyes on this DJ at WVOM/ WTIB and I stayed in my room listening to the radio quite a bit.

I remember one day, Tommy came to the house to show us his guitar. He said the lady across the street from his house was giving him lessons. We ask him to play so we gathered around.  I'm not real sure of the song. Maybe something like B I N G O to the tune of Amazing Grace, lol!!!  I do remember him trying to play and having to start over a bunch. He got better after we started pattin' our feet and clapping along. All we needed was to turn the light down and flick a Bic lighter.

 Now, y'all, I don't recall this story but Daddy and Keith swear by it so... here goes. Daddy came home from work one evening and Tommy was there with is guitar wrapped around his neck. Daddy told Tommy he would give him two dollars if he would climb a ladder up to my bedroom window and sing to me. I told Keith I didn't  remember this and he said, "I know you don't because Tommy barely got perched up there and he dropped his guitar." Daddy says I saw Tommy sitting up there and came stomping down the stairs mad at them. LOL!!!

Finally, Tommy went from a Honda 70 to bluish/gray station wagon.Yep, driving!!!! He Did It!!! He wore that drivers handbook out. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall the day he was given his test orally. I gotta say he was a very careful driver, not that I ever rode with him.  Oh my gosh, the day he put that CB radio in his car, he was one happy feller. He would have to wait till that antenna stopped whipping around before he could even get out of his car. Soon, everyone around town knew Race Baby if they didn't already, 10-4 . 10-4

Back in'72, I started dating this long hair guy who became my husband in'74. Tommy wasn't crazy about him at first. He kinda sided with my parents and thought he was no good just because of his hair. And Tommy wanted me to marry him instead, hehe!!! I gotta say, during those two years he and J Samuel Darwin (my future husband and local disc jockey) became friends. Especially when Sammy would play his favorite song on the radio and would give a little "shout out" to him. Sammy made his day when he made him a cassette tape of "Jeremiah was Bull Frog" so he could play it over and over and over. And, you could bet there was singing and dancing involved.  January 12th, as Mama and I were backing out of the driveway to go to the church for my wedding, there was Tommy sitting on the fence crying because I was getting married. I guess reality had hit him. LOL!!!

Then, there was the time he went treat-or-treating and got lost. He found his way home after 5 days and quite a few states. He was around 30 years old and this is how he told it to me. He had him a girl in Cherokee and he wanted to take her treat-or-treating. You know, every girls dream. For you out -of - towners, that's about ummm... 15 miles east of here in Alabama. He was in his chartreuse Chevy Luv truck, got on the Natchez Trace, found his love, and got back on the Trace. He must have gotten turned around when he got off the Trace because he ended up on Interstate 65 in Alabama, way on up the road. I remember him saying there were a lot of roads going ever which way. Uhh, that would be the Interstate. If I remember right, he only had around $110 and he needed to save his money for gas. His girlfriend got hungry so he bought her a hot dog and he got coffee. He didn't mention what they ate the other 4 days. I asked where they spent their nights. He said they parked at rest stop. "I let her sleep in the cab of the truck and I slept in bed of the truck.  I didn't want people talking." LOL!!!! Lord Bless'em!!! Tommy called his mama collect and told her he was lost. She called a very good friend of Tommy's and he eventually guided him back home. Tommy kept Interstate 65 North and South... HOT.  I ask him if he got lots of candy. He laughed and said, "Naw, but I got to see a lot of places,TTTTeresa." And, he did.  Chicago, Cincinnati, Kentucky, the Florida/Alabama state line. Finally, he made it home to Mississippi. You know, as many times as I heard him tell that story, I can't remember how his girl got home. Maybe it was a drive-bye. You know, "I'm gonna drive by and you bale out. I gotta get home, it's supper time."

After being gone 11 years and 2 little girls later, we came back home to Iuka. Tommy came to visit often. We hired him to mow our yard and rake our leaves for years. I remember the first year we were home we had a pretty good snow. So we, Tommy, included, found sleds and garbage can lids, and we went sledding down a huge hill, across from Jack's. We started early and stayed late. I will never forget that because I fell down so many time just walking down the road trying to get to that hill. The road was so slick! Little did I know I was pregnant with our son, Jay. I wouldn't have even been out there, but we had so much fun!  Nine years later Tommy got to meet our third baby girl, Kinsley.

Years later, Tommy met a lady and they had a baby girl. That marriage didn't work out but he was one proud daddy. As she grew up, Tommy would bring her over to play with my girls. She was always so sweet and mannerly. She went on to finish school and went to college. I'm not real sure what she is doing now but, believe me her Daddy, was so proud of her and loved her so much.

Tommy soon married again to a sweet lady who was right by his side till his death. He is now dancing and singing around his family in Heaven. Along with Sammy, Jay, Kinsley, and Dale Earhart. I'm so glad we were neighbors. I'm thankful he forgave my husband for marring me and taking me off. LOL !!!I'm thankful my children grew up knowing him. He gave them a lot of laughter and danced at their weddings.
As the song goes," Jeremiah was a Bull Frog, was a good friend of mine." Tommy was a good friend of mine and God's Special Edition.

Dear Lord,
I know you know his heart and sometimes I often wonder, did he buck dance for you or sing or play you a tune. I'm sure he didn't stutter or was he so excited he couldn't speak at all.  I know we are all
special to you and different in our own way but you love us just the same. Thank you for our friendship. I know Tommy is just perfect now, as he long to be. Amen
           Breaker... Breaker... 1... 9...
          Race Baby see ya on the flip side. ( Heaven )
 10 - 4 .... Good Buddy !!!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm so glad we had this time together.

 Looking back on this school year, my mornings started with a cup of coffee in the cup holder and the radio cranked up just to get my day started because I knew what was awaiting once I stepped through the doors at IES. There is nothing like going to a place where hugs are free, smiles are contagious, and learning is fun.
Mondays aren't so bad because the kids and I have a lot of catchin' up to do. More often than not, they are standing in line telling me about their weekend. Oh, the stories I hear ( my lips are sealed and I threw away the key) hehe! I also have Monday morning bathroom doo-tee (duty ). Now, I know that is everyone's dream and the only thing good about it is I get it over with. However, the best part is seeing all the first grade and kindergarten students.  You know when I first started working in kindergarten some of Mrs. Michelle's former students that had moved on to first grade would come in just about every morning and give her a hug. I thought that was so cool, so this year I got to experience that to. Aww... there is nothing like it. Sometimes we would have to tie their shoes or get their hair just right, before sending them on their way, but always telling them to do their best, to have a good day and we loved them. Sometimes as they would leave they would look back and say they wished they were still in kindergarten. I know just how they feel, it's hard moving on.
 This year Mrs. Michelle and I had 19 little ones. On the very first day we start working on a scrapbook to give to each child at the end of the year. It's so amazing to see how far they had come, knowing when we got them, some not all, couldn't even hold a pencil or scissor. There's nothing like watching a 5 year old grow.
 To my 11 handsome little boys and 9 beautiful little girls, I wish you the best as you move on up. I'm gonna miss my hugs in the morning, afternoon and times in between, and your stories you share with me. I gonna miss you learning to sound out letters, counting and reading. I'm gonna miss coloring and playing together. I'm gonna miss pictures you draw for me, playground weeds you pick for me and gross frogs and dead cicadas.
 To my teacher, Mrs. Michelle, thanks for putting up with me. Our kids kept us on our toes and we have learned from them as well. I've loved sharing laughter and tears when our babies showed progress. You are so special to me and I Love You.
Thanks to all the parents who shared their " pride and joy" with us. Words can not express how they warmed my heart and making days worth getting up for.
To my co- workers, my extended family, your the best. Congratulations to the ones who got rehired. For us who didn't... hang in there. God has other plans but I'd just like mine to be with kids and he could throw in a teacher.
What better way to end your work day by seeing a classmate come rolling in on bus 107. Woo, (Emily Wooten) thanks for your smiles and words of encouragement for us all.
Just as I did last year I got all my kids handprints for my quilt. I know I said I would post pictures of my quilt, but summer came and went. I sold our house and it took me forever to move. So I was sorta busy. I hate excuses but it is what it is, I'm sorry but its coming and I can't wait to show you.

Dear Lord,
You know, it's so hard leaving something you absolutely love to do. I'm gonna try not to bug you but you know I'd love to work there again some day. Thank you for my time there. Bless my IES family and those sweet babies. Amen.

I wrote this a couple of years back but never posted. Reason being, I cried the whole time I wrote and I guess I forgot to hit post. Then again, maybe I wasn't suppose to hit post because now you can see the most Beautiful quilt/ throw ever made. Isn't it lovely!!! Actually, I have one more to be quilted. I did one when I started and one when my job ended, You know the beginning and the end, alpha and omega. But, WOO HOO!!!! I'm back..., getting to work with all five kindergarten classes, five of the Best teachers and my side kick, Kim Spangler ( the other lucky assistant). We've all worked very hard getting every thing just right for the 1st day of kindergarten. We can't wait to welcome our babies to our IES family.

Dear Lord,
I tried soooo hard not to bug ya. I really did, and I did pretty good for a few days. Did it count when I'd say, Lord, I'm not gonna say it but.... I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Thank you for that lesson about having patience and thanks for answering my prayers. I ask your blessings on all the schools in Tishomingo county. May we have a safe and a year of making memories. In your name, Amen.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Running low on hope with my GPS

7:15 am: leaving to take my two little grands half way back to meet their dad after spending some time with the Iuka family.

My car was loaded, kids strapped in, and "everything" in reach in case I needed to hand them something. I had planned on leaving around 6:00 am but my clock and GPS must have been talking to each other. We get about 5 miles down the road and Mac (4 year old) wants to know how much longer. Then, Mollie Bryant (2 year old), that is strapped in, opens her door. Not all the way, but enough for the lights to come on and all the blood to leave my body. So that meant everything that was all organized and within my reach shifted forward and hit the floor because of my sudden stop. OH my, we only had 5 hrs and 55 minutes to go. I look back, after getting back on the road, and Mac is not saying a word but he had put his football helmet on. Can't say I blame him.
We get about an hour on down the road and Mac announces he has to go POOP. Well, wouldn't you know, we are in the middle of nowhere. You just can't pull over for a job like that. My back couldn't take it. I told him to hang on while I put the red flashing light on top of the car and we would find a gas station soon. We finally see two gas stations.  They didn't look clean enough for my grands, so I turned in to McDonalds on two wheels. Of course, Mac is in his socked feet and Mollie has no socks,  no shoes, and no carseat shoulder straps. Somehow she was still tied in there 'cause I liked to never got her out. You know there is one thing I hate to see when it is 30 degrees outside..... a couple getting out of the car and their little one is barefoot. Well guess what??? I won't judge any more because I was half of that couple. I slung Mollie on my hip because we had to get going. I could tell by the look on poor Mac's face he was playing "push 'em back, push'em back, wayyy back". We took the widest stall 'cause we needed all the room we could get. As he perched on the seat, I was deep in thought. How was I gonna hold this two year old and wipe him (don't laugh, it's been awhile). Granted it was a clean bathroom, but I didn't wanna put her down. Didn't matter anyway...
Mac: "Hey, Grammy?"
Me: "Yeah, buddy?"
Mac:  "I was just KIDDING, I don't have to POOP."
Me: "Son... you better grunt or do something."
Mac: "I pee'd. Grammy, you still love me?"
Me: "Right now, I'm just liking ya, son!!!! Now get up because I gotta sit down."
Of course, Mac has to wash his hands, and that means monkey see monkey do. So, I miss that experience 'cause I'm holding "the boss". That dryer was so high up on the wall all it did was blow their hair to kingdom come. I'm telling you they were  "hot messes" with no shoes. They didn't even look like the same hoodlems as when we came in, worse!! We get all settle in and just as I was about to put the car in" R" I realized I forgot to change Mollie's diaper. You know there is one thing I hate to see in 30 degree weather and that's a couple changing a kid's diaper in the car with the door open. Well guess what????  I won't judge any more. As we were driving off,  Mac says, "Grammy, Ummmm, what's that smell".  And she replied,"hash rounds and pancakes. By the way... I Love You!!! " 
We mosey on down the road, eatin', singing, and talking because that's all we could do. I didn't count the times I was asked how come I didn't have an iPad so we could watch movies but I'd assured them I'd try and save up and a have one by 2020. (teacher's assistant salary, you know) 
I don't know what it is about Montgomery, Alabama and my GPS. I pretty much know how I wanna go but Noooo. This old gal on this GPS thinks I'm all wrong. I show her the way I wanna go and she catches up. This is good cause we are on the same page or road until all of a sudden she wants me to prepare to turn left. Of course, sometimes I get a little agitated and I talk back. Nawww, I ain't turning, you fool, that's not the way. In the mean time Mac says, "Grammy, are you preparing to turn?" Shhhh, I gotta think. After fighting with her I get all turned around and have no alternative but to listen to her. So here we go on some beautiful country road that went on forever. I was a nervous wreck but the kids loved it. Aww, we saw white cows that give white milk. We saw brown cows that give chocolate milk. Me being nervous and all didn't wanna explain about that brown cow and all the "whys" that come next. I just pray by the time he becomes a senior he will know the process. The road ends about 25 miles down the road and I gotta turn right or left. My leader tells me to turn left and I abide till I come to the first house and I wheeled in there. Trying to ignore the yells coming from the back. Yay from the two year old and where we at Grammy from the four year old. There was three guys and a little girl riding around on a four wheeler at this house. As I was getting out of my car this one good looking guy asked if he could help me. Now the other 2 men might have been just as good lookin' but they were a little futher away and I didn't have my glasses on.  I thought I had left my glasses at home only to find them later on top of my head, go figure. I said, "Please tell me Troy, Al is close by." He then tells me don't continue on the road I'm on because the road is washed out due to all the rain. Go back the way I came but stay straight and it will take me to 231. I say that's the number I been lookin' for. "How far away is that?" He says about 25 or 30 miles. I thanked him and we were on our way. OH my goodness, I have no cell service as soon as I get on these roads where you have to pipe in sunshine. The kids are so good but I know they are getting hungry. I gotta pee, I gotta fourth of a tank of gas which might as well have said empty to me, 'cause I don't know how far a fourth will take ya. Ryan, my son-in-law, knows I'm lost because I called and told and then my phone went dead. "Miss know it all" GPS gal starts in saying turn around, turn around. Now I'm not big on guns but if I'd had a sling shot I would have taken her OUT!! I was running low on hope and then I say, "Please Lord calm me down and lead me out of here. I fall short when I try to stand alone." Y'all there was a calmness that came over me and I knew everything was gonna be alright. I was even able to point out pigs to Mac and Mollie that was up close to the side of the road. Mac was excited, he had never seen a pig! Before long, my phone started ringing and I saw my sign, 231. Guess what was at the end of the road ???? A GAS STATION!!!!! With a bathroom and food. Don't tell me the Lord don't answer emergency calls. With my daughter's navigational ability, Ryan and I found each other. After, all that we were only 10 - 15 minutes apart. We unloaded all their stuff from my car to his van. I know people thought this was a friendly custody exchange because there was a whole lot of hugging going on among us all. I love to say," hey y'all" but my hardest is " goodbye."
We all made it back to our homes safe and sound. I gotta tell ya, as soon as I got home I started missing my grands. Nothing like the sounds of pitter patter of little feet, laughter, and the sweetest little voices saying Grammy.....

Dear :Lord,
There is just something about being a Grammy. Now, don't get me wrong, I love being a mama and I was so blessed to have four of the best children you ever made. Sometimes as parents life gets really busy trying to juggle everything and everybody and before you know it they are grown with children of the their own. Thank you for our time together.Thank you for their giggles,wiggles, hugs and snuggles. But, thank you most of all for watching over us when we are running low on Hope.

Monday, June 1, 2015

My New Journey

I may not understand but.... by faith, I'm gonna give it my best shot and move forward.

After 3 months of me sleeping with house plans and then Lisa (my sister) trying to please me with house plans she has drawn up, I finally have one. Yep, I have a plan. I bought a house. Lol!!!!
Finally, the middle of November I had settled on my new dream house. This may seem a little weird to y'all but it was so hard coming from a huge house to a 3 bedroom home. Also, it was hard not having my side kick with me. Although Sammy and I had the same taste in things I missed him making decisions. To this day I still hate doing that. Anyway, Lisa and I met with several contractors and finally settled on the perfect one. He put me on his list and promised to have it built by May or June. So, I was really ready to sit back and wait. Kinda like taking a loooong winter's nap with Mama and Papa Bear. But, guess what? God had another plan.... his plan, the perfect plan.
I get a message from a sweet family telling me they were gonna be selling their home and they thought of me. Never had I thought about buying.  I was just gonna build beside Mama and Daddy. So, I go and take a look at the house and report back to Lisa. She goes and takes a look. After many sleepless nights, NO help from my family, and a lot of talking it over with God, I knew this just had to be. You see, why would it take someone this long to come up with a house plan? Because.... it was all in God's timing. Beside that, I think God had a little meeting with my three in Heaven. This is how I imagine  it.
God: "Hey, Sammy, Kinsley and Jay, come take a little walk with me. I just wanted to show y'all this big picture. You remember the house you left behind? Well I have a great family that has moved in there. Now it wasn't an easy move for your wife and mother cause of all the memories that were made there but I talked her through it. Aww, we had some of the best talks the last week of her stay there. Then she started thinking of building a house.  I know it would have been a little difficult doing this alone so I had a plan. Come walk with me through this house I've picked for her. This house is a little bigger than she was gonna build because she didn't wanna part with some of that material stuff.
Now, in her original house plan she didn't want a tub in her master bathroom so this house has no tub in the master bathroom.

Kinsley: "Oh!! look!! the upstairs over looks the family room just like our lake house."

Jay:  "Awww! a pool, we always wanted a pool but we had Eastport Lake."

Sammy:  "Wow! And it's across the street from our grandson, Alex."

And God said with a chuckle,"she only had to pick out a washer and dryer."

Now, you see It, was meant to be and it's beautiful.
So, as I start my "new" journey, I'm shaking but I'm gonna try and take my kids advice when they were younger...... Hakuna-Matata. (PS: It means No Worries, Be Happy)

Dear God,
Oh my goodness, Lord, how my nights were filled with making plans for a new home and at just the right time you had a better plan. I know this plan wasn't knew to you but this "new to me" house was to me. Thank you for my strength to carry on. I know I'm a mess sometimes but I try to smile even when its raining. I trust you Lord cause I know you got this. Bless all my family and friends cause they mean so much to me. In you name, Amen.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ugh!!!!! Leaving my parents home for the second time.

Gosh, I know y'all have heard people say, when your children move out, don't get to comfortable 'cause they may come back. Well, I'm one of those children, yeah... almost 41 years later I moved back home. Never would I have thought that of me but we just don't know what tomorrow holds, do we? Thankfully, I had plenty of family members that wanted me and my 3 dogs. Well for sure. Lol!!! My 5 month stay hasn't been bad once I got that curfew thing worked out. It didn't take long for my childhood memories to come back to me. Aww.. waking up on Saturday morning with the smell of Mama cooking breakfast and I had forgotten all about dinner being ready at 5:00 each day. What they didn't know?  I was ready to eat again before I went to bed. Sad to say but my kids never experienced any early meals. Yeah, I failed in that department but they got fed before midnight anyway.
  Being back home we have made some new memories. I loooove football, whether it's college or NFL. I'll admit I don't see all that stuff those referees see but I got my college teams I pull for. And as for NFL, I just pick out the best lookin' uniform and go from there. I will on occasion pull for them Manning boys if the other team's uniform ain't lookin' to purty. My oldest daughter was a dancer at Mississippi State; seems like yesterday.  I've gone to a few college games there but ... honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off that dancer. Just so you know, I'm a Mississippi State fan and an Ole Miss fan. I'm sorry, I'm wishy washy! Once I went to an NFL game in Nashville and we were sitting so high up I ducked when those jets flew over at the beginning of the game. I think Sammy was ready to take me home but he was laughing so hard, he gave me another chance. So for now, I've enjoyed Daddy's company on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday night for football. I loved popping a top on a cold one (orange crush) and kicking back with my daddy.
  And Mama got into cooking and me washing dishes. Oh, they have a dish washer but I like to wash the old fashion way. Lol! We got hooked on that Hallmark Channel. Only thing about those movies is when one would end another one would start. At times it was rough on this old girl 'cause I'd have to get up early but mama could stay up till midnight or longer. Sometimes she would watch the same movie twice. Once during the day then again at night with me. She would say, "You want me to tell ya what's gonna happen?"  Naw!! That's when I knew... that's my mama's love no matter how old you are. Keeping me company.
  I know when I get all settled in my new house my hearing will return. Bless 'em and I know one day I'll be there. One blames the other for the tv being turned up several notches. I think they're equal though. I answered the phone one day only to find out it was a phone ringing on the tv.
  Y'all remember" Sweating To The Oldies"?  We did too, but I'm gonna call it "Sweatin' WITH The Oldies" 'cause they would turn that heat up and I'd start sweatin'. Let me just say the heat was up past my comfort zone but who need covers or pj's, right. I was just proud to be there.
  At our 5:00 dinner table, they liked to play a game call Charades. Daddy and Mama would get to telling something and couldn't recall a name or place. They would use names like whatchamacallit, doodad, dumaflache, and thingamabob. Now I know there are days I could hide my own Easter eggs so I fit right in. I know we are all guilty of doing that at one time or the other. It got to be entertaining. Laughter is good, I've been told. We often tried to remember "as far as everyone knows, we are a nice and normal family". Lol!
I gotta tell ya coming back home was different. This is not the house I grew up in but it's the same loving parents. One of the thing that never changed was Daddy singing. Hehe!!  Shh, don't mention this but he has always like to sing this one song and he would give it his all while showering. He's not bad either. The song is "I'll Meet You in the Morning". A good old gospel song. You know the kind that stays with ya all day.
 Since I came to live with them they became new owners of a inside/outside cat. Just for the record, Mama hated it at first but it's growing on her. Only because it follows Daddy around everywhere and travels with him sometimes. So, as I take my dogs and move on down the road, there are not enough word to express how much they mean to me. They truly warm my heart!!! BTW... If you're ever driving by and your window is down.  You might hear Daddy calling" Slut," or "Hussy". That's his cat, not Mama. His dog, "Heathern" is out in the pen.

Dear Lord,
I'm so grateful to have the parents you gave me. Just as you, they have been with me through good and bad times. They have giving me hope and have reminded me of my faith when I needed it the most. Thank you for our laugher, a good warm bed, food to eat and that song we hummm in our hearts. May we all remember, when we look to you we know we are held together with love and grace. Bless all my family and friends. All my love, Lord and in you name, Amen.